un ángel precioso

Previous Pinner: "Shiloh Lucia Hunter, truly an Angel in Heaven!~" Prayers for all with special angels in heaven.

Thank you to all the fellow pinners who pin and share such beauty.  I found this online so if you want it or anything removed please tell me and I will do so.  I do not want to steal any pins from anyone.  There are enough generous souls who feel as I do that pins are really for everyone to share.

Dear ones, thank you so much! Appreciate your beautiful pins, your patience in recreating this board, and the smiles you bring! Warmest wishes, xxoo 💞👩‍❤️‍👩🌿🌷 Patti☘️

Imágenes de Feliz Cumpleaños para Whatsapp

To MY beautiful Tia! I hope you have an awesome day! You deserve it! Sending *hugs* and kisses your way! Laugh, live and most of all have fun! With lots of love Vivi

pink ♥

"coeur nuageux" means "heart-cloud" or "cloudy heart". The image itself shows clearly the fuzzedness and raggedness of relationships of the heart.