Poor Batman

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Joker Scarecrow Bane | Batman movie villians

How good is this picture! Scarecrow, Joker Bane and Batman all mixed in one! They should use this for a Batman movie, maybe Batman Returns or something, bringing back this 3 villains. But still, this is truly fantastic.

Simple Superhero Silhouettes - Calvin Lin Creates a Series of Minimalist Comic Character Posters (GALLERY)

Simple Superhero Silhouettes

Loving these minimalist super hero posters by Calvin Lin ! JF loves superheroes, too.Grab a Junk Food super hero.

Minimalist Superhero Posters - BuzzFeed Mobile

thelinc: “ ICONS: Heroes - by: Calvin Lin (theLinC) A series of minimalist posters I did of heroes. Tried to make it as minimalist as possible to signify the hero, including only icons/symbols that.

The Priceless and Hilarious Illustrations of Chow Hon Lam

The Priceless and Hilarious Illustrations of Chow Hon Lam

"Speed trap" illustrations by Malaysian artist and t-shirt designer Chow Hon Lam

ThorThor | HJ Story

From HJ Story- a collection of drawings a man sent to his girlfriend (now wife).

Super emo heroes.

Super Emo Friends by JSalvador Design

Funny pictures about Super Emo Friends. Oh, and cool pics about Super Emo Friends. Also, Super Emo Friends.