there is a small doll house with a red door and a teddy bear in it
Escaparate de Navidad en Lycka. Ratoncito Pérez // Christmas window screen. Tooth fairy. #navidad #xmas #christmas #decoration #escaparate
there is a cookie next to a coffee maker and a mug with a woman's face on it
Tazas originales por Pintachán
pineapples and stuffed animals are sitting on a shelf in front of framed pictures
Pineapple lights, posters,cushions... One of our favourite parts in the shop! / lámparas de piña, láminas, cojines... Una de nuestros rincones favoritos de la tienda
several pens and pencils are lined up in a clear container on a shelf next to other office supplies
Super heroes pens!! Different colors. #pens #super #heroes
a row of coffee cups sitting on top of a white shelf
#mugs #tazas
three different types of travel mugs on a shelf with tags attached to the cups
Flasks. Take them everywhere! / Termos. ¡Llévatelos a todas partes!
there are many different tins on the shelf
Beautiful tins / preciosas latas
three different colored lanterns hanging on the wall
Adjustable led lamp. So beautiful! It works with batteries. 😍
an octopus themed storage bag with eyes on it's face and tentacles painted on the front
Perfect to keep the toys or the laundry.
a toy chest with an alligator design on it
Perfect to keep the toys or the laundry.
several different colored vases sitting on top of each other
#Ceras #crayons #kids #children #colours #christmas
a sack filled with presents next to a christmas tree
Santa is coming... #christmas #santa #gifts #presents
a pink and white cup with a cat face on the top, sitting next to it's lid
a blue and white cat shaped container with stars on it
Mugs and jars full of inspiration #Lycka Inspiration, Jars, Pot, Chat, Rose, Kingdom
Mugs and jars full of inspiration #Lycka