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Faros Tourlitis, Greece

The lighthouse Tourlitis of Andros Island (Greece) was bulit in 1897 and was bombarded during the World War II – it was restored in The first time that Andros island was to be emprinted on a Greek stamp was with a portrait of this offshore lighthouse.

Geoarte: Las maravillosas fotografías aéreas de Bernhard Edmaier

ALLIGATOR RIVER, KAKADU NATIONALPARK, AUSTRALIA A narrow belt of mangrove trees fringes the shore of the river, forming a frontier with the land. The deep green river water meets the yellow muddy water of a distributary. Their different levels of density

Andalsnes, Noruega

Åndalsnes is a village in Rauma Municipality, Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The Rauma name stems from a legendary king of the Raums Dale (now Romsdal), Raum the Old (Old Norse: Raumr inn gamli), who was a son of Nór (Nórr) the founder and first king of

NORUEGA. Fiordos noruegos. | Foto: Terje Nesthus/ Fjord Norway

Hardangenfjord Norway towards the Folgefonna glacier. The Hardangerfjord region offers Norwegian nature at its most scenic. The area is also known for its impressive blooming fruit trees.