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a small wooden candle holder sitting on top of a tree stump
an assortment of carved wooden objects on a white background
an image of traditional oge forms
Ogee Bowl Design - How To (understand, design, make)
a small wooden box with a handle on the top and bottom, made out of wood
Recycled Black Walnut and Quarter-Sawn White Oak Box
three wooden vases and two candlesticks are on display in front of a gray background
Byron Young | Tamarack Foundation
a brown vase with a black top on a dark surface in front of a black background
mizusasi-水指 | 村瀬治兵衛ギャラリー
a wooden vase with a black lid and two small white birds on it's top
mizusasi-水指 | 村瀬治兵衛ギャラリー
a hand is holding a small flower in it's left hand and the petals are red
Turned and carved tulip (cedar)
a person holding a wooden vase in their hand
a person holding a wooden vase in their hand
three black vases sitting next to each other on a white surface with the lid off
"Ode to Black" - Two Hollow forms and a lidded box. Dyed with Black leather dye. Sealed with Polishing Wax.