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two wooden spoons on stands are shown with measurements for the size and width in front of them
26.72€ 45% de DESCUENTO|Adornos de madera para tallar joyas danesas, juego de madera, muebles para el hogar, títere de estilo nórdico, muebles para el hogar, características de pájaro de madera|birds style|birds birdsbird carving - AliExpress
a wooden bird sitting on top of a white surface
a wooden bird feeder hanging from a red wall
Alexis Maertens - Sculpteur sur bois
a wooden cutting board with three knives on it
a wooden chair sitting on top of a cement floor next to a black circle wall
a man is sitting on a couch with his laptop in front of him and a floor lamp next to him
a small wooden table with a shelf on the side
Taburete de baño oasis marrón 31x44 cm