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a wooden vase with flowers in it sitting on a table next to a gray background
Woodturning by Jerry Prosise
a small wooden candle holder sitting on top of a tree stump
a golden and black cup with the word alex's corner on it
a wine glass is shown with measurements
El budare del Cega
a gold colored vase sitting on top of a wooden stand
Maple, Chakte Viga and Cherry chalice- 3” x 12”
a wooden bowl that has been carved to look like a tree
Member Gallery | Southern Highland Craft Guild
a lit candle sits in a glass vase on a table
a wine glass sitting on top of a wooden stand
Handcrafted WUD Walnut Wood Wine Glass with Clear Stem - 12 oz.
a wooden wine goblet sitting on top of a white table
a wooden stand with a glass bowl on it's top and an object in the middle
Hand Crafted Burl Wood Vases, Burl Wood Bowls
rosewood wine goblets Wood Spoon, Wooden Vase, Wood Lathe
Mahogany Wine Goblets