No puede faltar una bailarina

This said DIY Ballerina Snowflakes for kids. But this will more likely be DIY Ballerina Snowflakes for Stephanie

Aplicação de discos wadded - Artesanato com crianças | Detkipodelki

Развиваем малыша

Excelente uso para el masking tape!

paint, painters tape, more paint, voila! Eriksson Gullickson This is cool way to do the painting too.

Cómo DIY encantador de la colmena y las abejas de la decoración del papel higiénico Rolls Más

How to DIY Lovely Beehive and Bees Decoration from Toilet Paper Rolls

No-Sew Zipper Cases From Plastic Bottles - - Estuches reciclando botellas plástico

Estuches con botellas plásticas recicladas

No-Sew Zipper Cases From Plastic Bottles - - Estuches reciclando botellas plástico

palomas blancas de papel | las manos


link didn't take me anywhere, but these pics are good enough Palomas blancas de papel

Finger puppet DIY - at Fiskars

Bad link, but cute easy finger puppet idea for an ocean themed book or dramatic play accessory.

5 manualidades para hacer con niños, Viva el DIY!!

Water Rocket: The combination of water, compressed air, and a plastic soda bottle serves as a great source of propulsion for a water rocket. Alternate way (without tape) to fix up those water bottle rockets. by elsa

DIY - perfect wall decoration

Glue gun crayons on top of canvas. use blowdryer (pointed down the canvas, not straight at the crayons) to melt the wax and get it to drip down the canvas.

Cd bunny, puppy, pig, etc.

Ideas para reciclar CDs con los niños

Borrego de hisopos

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