Un paseo por las nubes. A walk in the clouds.

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a woman's face with clouds in the sky above her head and hands under her chin
a blue heart shaped balloon floating in the sky with swirls on it's tail
a man standing on top of a ladder
Every Day Mind
I love Mathiole's style. All of his art is so contemporary and simply put.
a woman's face is shown with clouds in the sky and water below her
a man standing on top of a snow covered slope under a cloudy blue sky with the sun shining behind him
a woman's face with clouds in the shape of her eye and an island in the background
Exclusive: See Vintage Images by Renowned Fashion Photographer Hiro
Like a Magritte...Hiro (via NY Magazine)
two people standing next to each other in front of a puddle on the ground with sky reflected in it
Всё видит зеркальце дождя!
a woman in a blue dress is sitting on clouds with her arms up and legs spread out
ig: @kihmberlie on Twitter
Nature, Selfie
a blue wall with a hole in the middle that has a sky and clouds on it
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