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Tiaras reales

The Delhi Durbar Tiara was made in 1911 by the then Royal Jewlers, Garrard & Co., for Queen-Empress Mary (wife of King-Emperor George V) to wear at the 1911 Delhi Durbar. This tiara is made of platinum and gold, and set with diamonds.

French Tiara given to Josephine by Napoleon I LOVE THIS CROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ok so i'd need more than a million dollars...

French Tiara given to Josephine by Napoleon. Art Deco Tiara Princess Sibylla of Bourbon-Parma Luxembourg Chaumet Tiara Princess Benedikte Floral Persian Turquoise Amethyst Tiara of Queen Mary Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the turquoise Vladimir Tiara.

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The Luxembourg Empire Tiara: One of the largest diadems in use today and composed of massive amounts of diamonds in the Empire style, this regal gem made its public debut on the head of reigning Grand Duchess Charlotte when she married Prince Felix of Bou