Albarracín : Isidro Ferrer

Isidro Ferrer - poster design for International Illustration and Graphic Design Course, Albarracin

Isidro Ferrer

12 masks for 12 friends: a mask for each of the 12 months of the year - design by isidro ferrer / photography by pablo orin, 2004 [link to series of images + isidro ferrer's website]

Isidro Ferrer

The guys on the left would be super easy to do with the right naturally formed rocks and some Gorilla glue.

CDN: Isidro Ferrer

"Presas" Poster by Isidro Ferrer powerful use of Positive/Negative Design Principle

Isidro Ferrer

Isidro Ferrer, De bois et de broc, poster made for the Christmas workshops held at the Quai Branly museum (Paris)