Painting of two girls with butterflies -  Catrin Welz-Stein

Catrin Welz- Stein: Surrealismo mixto

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Philip Alexius de László

Henri and Jean de Gramont Kit-cat to left, both full-face, wearing identical dark jackets and white shirts with ‘cols claudine’ and black ties, all against a grey background Oil on canvas by Philip Alexius de László (Hungarian/British

Théodore Chasseriau

The Two Sisters, or Mesdemoiselles Chasseriau: Marie-Antoinette-Adele and Genevieve (Aline) sisters of the artist, 1843 - Theodore Chasseriau

Rembrandt Peale. The Sisters

"The Sisters" (Eleanor and Rosalba Peale), 1826 Painting by Rembrandt Peale, American, 1778 - 1860

Mary A. Waters

Galerie Piece Unique - Twins with Gold Chains and Cherries, 2010 oil on canvas - cm

Christian Schloe

Christian Schloe - Twin Heart / Very Frida Kahlo but still nice.