LAS REGLAS DE OLAFO You have the power to be happy or unhappy. You have today, decide to be happy in it.

Follow your heart...

fellow your heart, listen to your inner voice, go where your spirit guides you. -- for inspiration

Whimsical Moon

"Salems Star" Moon & Cats Halloween Art Print on Etsy ♥≻★≺♥

"Lo peor de los débiles es que necesitan humillar a otros para sentirse fuertes". #Citas #Frases @Candidman

The bad thing about a week person is that they need to humiliate somone else to feel strong.


I’ve travelled the world twice over. Met the famous; Saints and Sinners, Poets and Artists, Kings and Queens, old stars and hopeful beginners.

Me gusta la gente que sabe ser sol...*

I like the kind of people who know how to be the sun even when life is cloudy. Me gusta la gente que sabe ser sol

Lace.Look super chique

Street Style Haute Couture