Fold A Fitted Sheet

A Fitted Sheet

AKA shaming me for not knowing certain things coz instead I've filled my head with awesome things but whatever how DO u fold a fitted sheet? Haha // 25 Tutorials To Teach You To Fold Things Like An Actual Adult Bend anything like a boss.

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Funny pictures about Clothing care symbols. Oh, and cool pics about Clothing care symbols. Also, Clothing care symbols.

Who knew?!

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Putting your sheet sets into the pillowcase is a handy tip - Love this I can never get the fitted sheet folded right and this makes everything look so much more organized.

Store sheet sets in their pillow case wow that would make my sorta folded fitted sheet look way less messy. This is the best way ever to store sheet sets.

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Again with the colors of citrus and natural materials. I also like original idea behind this post - natural room scents! _ DIY Natural Room Scents (this is such a great idea!

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