Reading Rhythms, Clapping and Patting Quarter Notes and Rests

Great idea for making bodt rhythm sheets. Reading Rhythms, Clapping and Patting Quarter Notes and Rests.

Musical Musings: Match Mine Beginning of the year… pre-assessment of music reading (not including note names)

As I& stated before, my district requires us to use Kagan structures. You can visit the website at the previous link for more informatio.

Drum games for kids - a great way to teach kids about tempo in music and get them moving from And Next Comes L

Exploring Tempo in Music with Drum Games {Music Activities for Kids}

Simple music activities for kids. Two drum games for toddlers and preschoolers that are perfect for exploring tempo in music.

Suma de figuras. Para descargar la actividad y para más información ir al sitio web

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