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Marc Janssens Marc Janssens, ° Education School of Art and Crafts: SISA-Antwerp (B) St.-Lucas Academy Antwerpen (B) Graphic Art.


Fashion we like / REd Blouse / Minimal / Round / Asian / at Sybilla - floral blouse womens, ladies blouses with birds on, dress blouses for women *ad

photo italienne : Patrizia Guerresi Maïmouna, 2008, femmes artistes, homme noir

Maimouna Guerresi -- Patrizia Guerresi Maïmouna is a photographer, video artist and a sculptor. Her work provides an intimate perspective on the relationship between women and society.

Arte contemporáneo | giantwavecrests: Photo

French photographer Charles Fréger captures the spirit of what he calls “tribal Europe” in his “Wilder Mann” series : a huge array of pagan rituals, mainly related to the winter solstice and spring renewal