World War 2 Poster (American)

'Closed for the Duration. Loose talk can cost lives.' WWII homefront illustration by Howard Scott,

@Melanie Martin @Erin Power never a truer word, so relevant today eh?

Food… Don’t Waste It. Cooper United States Food Administration poster, produced some time between Almost 100 years later it’s still relevant. Proving once again that simpler is.

they sink ships too, i hear.

Loose Talk Can Cost Lives

2W39 Vintage WWII Tell Nobody Not Even Her Wartime Careless Talk War Poster WW2 - A4 (297 x 210mm) 11.7" x 8.3": Kitchen & Hom...

Tell NOBODY - not even HER Description: Poster from the Ministry of Information's "Careless Talk Costs Lives" campaign. A number of designs were used to put across this message in different ways. Date: WWII Era