Numbers and Counting Activity

Numbers & Counting Activity

tri graines

youpi mercredi #16 : le tri de graines

juego correspondencia (frascos y tapas)

Bottle and lid matching activity - great idea for an OT activity! Definitely targets fine motor skills, visual motor, and cognitive skills! So simple!

Abrir y cerrar. Relación colores

Could also connect a bunch of locks and put all the keys on a key ring. Lots of pictures of latch, lock, etc ideas for montessori type preschool. This lock one could be made with 2 boards, some o-rings, and some locks from Dollar Store.

making faces with painted rocks, image via Leesa's House Family Day Care

This week we've been discussing emotions and feelings. To help the children understand their emotions, I painted 'feelings stones' and set up this lovely table, where the children can recreate their own faces - or any silly face they like!

Relació de tamanys.

ontdekdoos moeren en bouten : Matching nuts and bolts, fine motor skills, working with tools - one-to-one correspondence