Sister Wall Art  Sisters Digital Art Print by RoseHillDesignStudio, $18.00

My sister Sandy, so far away but always attuned to when I need her. I love you my sister and friend.

No es el amor..

It's not the love that sustains a relationship. Mode of relating is what sustains the love.

Deja tu corazón en manos de Dios... Y el lo pondrá en manos de quien se lo merece. #frases

" Pon tu alegrìa en el Señor, èl harà lo que desea tu corazòn. Pon tu porvenir en manos del Señor, cuenta con èl, que èl obrarà".


Sometimes the problem is that your heart will not admit what your mind already knows.

frase de velos para velos de faltas-despertares...página de facebook Twitter: @velosdefaltas Favor respetar autoría

Lisa Hurwitz is a master at blending simple lines and intense detail. Every one of her paintings captures something inside my heart. I bought this print for my son Caleb the week before delivering his baby sister. It reflects how I wasn't ready for him to


Confidence in the goodness of others tells strongly of the goodness in oneself.