One of my best memories is of a fun family holiday with my sister and my eldest daughter in Ibiza. Ibiza is beautiful and very small so we managed to explore most of it. A place I'd actually like to return to one day but not to do the lively bar bit!


Hotel Montesol - Ibiza index Hotel Montesol Ibiza, is a premier accommodation with historical significance built in the exotic island Ibzia.

Qué paraíso...

Ibiza is an island full of natural resources and beautiful landmarks. It is an ideal place to live in summers. People from all over the world face towards Ibiza to have an ideal

Atlantis/Es Vedra, Ibiza.  My most special place in the whole world is a place known as Atlantis, or the secret beach, in Ibiza. Not many tourists really know about the place, and even less have visited. This is in part down to the inaccessibility of the place, the only path by land is down a very steep and slippery cliff, probably around 300metres long or so.

Image of My Special Place. from the landscape & rural photos of *Rich*.

Ibiza - Es Boldado from Cala d'Hort

Ibiza ~ Has an absolutely beautiful coastline with dozens of tiny coves to explore.

Todos los días en Kumharas

Todos los días en Kumharas

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