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which countries support ISIL

This map, created by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty the day after attacks carried out by Islamic State which left at least 129 people dead in […]

State Department issued a "worldwide travel alert" late on Monday, in the latest security red flag for global tourism.

This video explains the effect of ISIS's fighting for control, and how this is affecting countries. *EXTRA*

Iraq is on the brink of a full-blown civil war. Who are these ISIS jihadists and how do they hope to change the map of the Middle East? What do other countri.

Our OWN Intelligence Agents Say Obama IS LYING About ISIS! -- The Obama administration is being accused of lying about the war against ISIS by its own intelligence agents in a blockbuster report that came out late Wednesday night! Watch below: …Share

In a podcast with far left comedian Marc Maron, President Obama put forward a typical “first step” toward further infringement of Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

ISIS picked the wrong nation to provoke. After ISIS Burns Their Pilot Alive, Jordan Delivers on Their ‘Earth Shaking’ Promise

Turkey location

Turkey Latitude, Longitude, Absolute and Relative Locations

Isis may be concluding it need no longer tread carefully in Turkey