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Los detalles florales

Los detalles florales - TELVA.COM

Los detalles florales I have 8 of the vintage wooden crates / boxes in the top of the studio .

una mezcla de colores muy atractivos y para toda ocasión.

100 Ideas for Spring Weddings

Mesas de verano con mucho color.

Mesas de verano con mucho color

Japan (and more broadly Asia) is known by its zen-minimalist decor, where ”less is more.” Natural fiber elements (bamboo, oak, ash wood, etc.) and organic colors help create a calm and serene environment. Many people wonder how to create this atmosphere w

Spring in the garden: Magnolias. BEAUTIFUL.

Spring in the garden: Pink Magnolias. Love trifecta for me=Beauty, Scent, Elegance.

flowers in crates wedding decor

Wedding of the Week: Dashing DIY

These old wooden crates will bring some creative style and decor into any home, clever furniture ideas like storage boxes, leg rests, old wooden crate coffee tables, crate flower boxes or even wooden create shelving ideas.


11 centros de mesa originales y divertidos

Terrariums Flowers Decor Modern Botanical Copper Geometric Wedding Ideas http://lolarosephotography.com/

Modern Botanical Copper & Geometric Wedding Ideas

Modern Metallic Geo Terrariums for Weddings ~ new twist, potted flowers in open sided terrarium by Twiggy Thistle