Aujourd'hui, on a fait la photo de classe ... - Clafoutine

Lots of great jewelry artwork on this site Clafoutine

Anillas de refersco recicladas en Matrioskas! - Soda can rings recycled into Matrioscas!

Cute and silly pins/brooches or pendants made from polymer clay and soda can pop tabs to look like little babushka dolls! (The site is in French, and does not actually include any instructions.


Soda Can Pop Tabs + Polymer clay = little dolls jewelry Upcycled tabs from soda ot tin cans are transformed by Clafoutine, a french crafter, to make adorable dolls she transforms into jewels.

Matrioskas reciclaje creativo

Matryoshkas: Pop tabs from canned tuna, air dry clay, acrylic paints, permanent markers, felt.