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traje de buceo atmosférico

The JIM suit was invented in 1969 by Mike Humphrey and Mike Borrow, partners in the English firm Underwater Marine Equipment Ltd (UMEL), assisted by Joseph Salim Peress. JIM is named after Jim Jarrett, Tritonia suit diver and Lusitania explorer.

Neufeldt und Kuhnke atmospheric suits

There were three generations of Neufeldt-Kuhnke suit to work in deep waters. This one is from This third generation shell (produced between with a closed circuit breathing system was safe up to a depth of 525 feet m), and had a telephone!

clothes references for artists, wrinkles study

conceptcookie: “ With over 150 votes, this was the top tutorial request and now you can watch the tutorials on creating clothing wrinkles and fabric.

I imagine the animation (or film in this case) to be fast-paced in this particular scene. This is just an assumption taken from the lines that are used to show the direction of travel, I imagine that if they were travelling slowly, there wouldn't be as many lines.

The linework in this provides a great sense of direction and the different tones set the mood. I like the POV shots and the wide shots that set the location. Great detail on the faces too to convey emotion.