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barney and robin  Tengo que ver esta temporada

i don't love her, okay. i just miss her when she's not around, think about her all the time. and i imagine us one day running toward each other in slow motion and i'm wearing a brown suede vest

Credits: howimetyourmotherfanpage (ig)

Credits: howimetyourmotherfanpage (ig)

Hatchets by Chris Green

tools to create with, not to destroy. Just a simple reminder Arborists should always put the health & wellbeing of trees first. I do Skullybloodrider.

- Redimensionado

nikivaszi: “ Happy Autumn This painting is for those who preparing for school/uni/college. Is time to go back Kaer Morhen and train a bit ;) ” I love this painting Niki!

RIP Logan, you will always be my favorite.

The saddest super hero movie ever! "When the man comes around"🎼 RIP Logan, you will always be my favorite.