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My awesome porch swing! Thanks Pallet and Crate! Greenville, SC Pallet Swing sized to Crib mattress by PalletandCrate on Etsy

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First there I needed a brand new desk, now it became a very addictive hobby :)

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A nice hanging lounge that could fit perfectly in your backyard if you have a large tree with good sturdy branches to hang it! Or maybe it could find a place under a deck or on a porch.

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There's nothing quite like these DIY wooden pallet stairs. So many ways to use wooden pallets in artistic ways! The upright garden and the stairs are two favourites of mine.

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Recycled Pallets Table Ideas: We are also the participants of the same race and to work on this pedigree we have also burnt our midnight’s oil.

Glass-panel-greenhouse.png (463×331)

Glass panel greenhouse You can use pallet as base, keep the gap as you want the space to be – add glasses on the top so that greenhouse Is completed.

Relax-and-enjoy-the-sun.jpg (690×517)

pallet loungechair DIY : Pallet lounge chairs in pallet garden pallet furniture with Pallets Lounge

Swing-bed2.jpg (640×640)

Who needs a fancy expensive porch swing when you can MAKE a PALLET swing -Pallet swing Tutorial. Lovely big swing to dream away on. This is super easy to make. Oh i must do this!