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Alexis Marcou Commissioned work by Black Swan Life for Crusoe (Jagannath Textile Company Limited).

KiteSurf wall art decal sticker for wall home decoration.

KiteSurf wall art decal sticker for wall home decoration. Hum great idea for beach house deco!

My hubby says that the top should say "girlfriend" and the lower one should say "Wife" - in our case, I was pumping up the kite when I was the "girlfriend" too.

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As soon as you get your first few rides, you can feel the new drug flowing in your veins… soon you realize that kiteboarding is all you can talk about, dream about and want to do is kite. Are you addicted …

Sailing - fast and light

Hydroptere - World's fastest Sailboat. Uses underwater wings for lift. For contrast, the average Sailboat tops out around 8 knots I believe

L'Hydroptère, the huge Hydrofoil Tri (pictured above), with a jaw-dropping 47+ knot top speed, is the fastest sailing boat in the world. Over the nautical mile, the flying boat clocked an impressive 41.69 kts last fall, on Quiberon Bay in France, for the world record.

Kiteboards and the giant hydrofoil trimaran sailboat l'Hydroptere setting sailing speed records. l'Hydroptere setting speed sailing records and kite-boards the fastest thing under sail. Sailing records smashed in Namibia.