Treball de consciencia fonologica. Orgaznitzar paraules segons la lletra que comença

What the Teacher Wants!: Keeping track of students' reading levels with velcro and a manila folder. Good visual for the teacher.

Classifica els dibuixos depenent de la vocal que tenguin

Free vowel pictures for sorting activity. Adapt this to make Letters & sounds / Phonics sorting game. Can the children work out which sound the pictures start with?

Libro fonológico

Can make book for articulation sounds using magazine cut outs. This would be a great teacher made book so kids could check out from classroom library!

Beginning sounds

CVC Words: Beginning Sound Clip Cards for CVC word families

Beginning sound clip cards for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten. Initial Sound Make A Word Clip Cards: Interactive Phonics Fun Just an idea for some teachers out there.

Joc per potenciar la conciència fonològica, la velocitat d'anomenar... JUGUEM I APRENEM AMB…LA BOMBA!

Joc per potenciar la conciència fonològica, la velocitat d'anomenar. JUGUEM I…