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Game Of Thrones The picture next to Cersei does not appear to be a young Lena Headey but rather the actress who played young Cersei in season five.

No se si tengo sueño o esto es muy gracioso jajajajaja

I should NOT find this as hysterically funny as I do. THE FACE!

Sarah See Andersen ✤ SARAH'S SCRIBBLES || 搞笑漫畫 • #Risa #Comic #Memes #RealidadFemenina #Pensamientos || ★ https://es.pinterest.com/kunstler9/sarah-see-andersen/

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We have four attack Chihuahua ' s who have no idea that they are as small as they actually are. Don't be fooled by the size!

Gollum's new Game of Thrones crush - Game Of Thrones memes

Gollum's new Game of Thrones crush.

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