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a bathroom with a shower head and rug on the floor
A legújabb trend a rusztikus fürdőszobában - Fekete zuhanycsaptelep
the bathroom is clean and ready to be used as a storage area for toiletries
Rafraîchissez votre salle de bain avec des éléments inspirés d'Ibiza pour une ambiance estivale
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and ladder in the corner next to the shower
House in Tinos - Bobotis+Bobotis
a bathroom with a sink and mirror next to an open door that leads to another room
a bathroom with two sinks and towels on the counter
Refugio griego
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and stool
a bathroom with two sinks and a shower in the corner, next to a wooden stool
Neutral and minimalistic Bathroom design featuring our Brushed Carbon tapware
In search of statement tapware, but seeking a gentler alternative to Matte Black? Brushed Carbon is an ideal choice, complementing popular bathroom designs that feature warm tones of timber and stone. Its textured, brushed surface adds a unique touch to your space, creating a striking contrast against lighter finishes. Don't you just love the simplicity of this design!
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and towel rack
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and towels on the shelf in front of it
Appartement en résidence · Tulum · ★4,95 · 1 chambre · 1 lit · 1 salle de bain
a white sink and mirror in a small room with no one on the counter or behind it
Reset Space - Bathroom
a white bathroom with two sinks and large mirrors on the wall above it is also a towel rack
a bathroom with an arched ceiling and white walls, along with a large bathtub in the center