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Lily Villagómez

Lily Villagómez
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Mejores imágenes que nos dejó la última semana del año

Man Cave Home arcade. You have to have a arcade games system in the Man cave. Arcade {Video Game} Center I love creative set ups for game rooms. This is pretty awesome.

Nintendo 64 para rato.

"Choose Your Weapon" Wall, nice! Would actually be pretty cool to use for all controllers and to set up retro gaming systems that aren't used on a regular basis.

Cuarto decorado con legos parece mosaico está hermoso July Mariposa

Played most all these games as a kid and it is so cool to see them collaged together in one poster, and in the medium of Lego Bricks no less! Video Game Classics on a lego wall!

VoluptuousTacos' Clash of Clans Stingray TH7 Farming Base Design -

VoluptuousTacos' Clash of Clans Stingray Farming Base Design

Desde otro ángulo. | 22 Imágenes que solo los gamers entenderán

Best Display of Video Game Consoles & DVD CDs Catridges Hand-made custom video game shelves via Racketboy user wheeezy. Great inset lighting and display.