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Autora: Cinta Tort Mancho y no me doy asco

Autora: Cinta Tort Mancho y no me doy asco

It may not be for you, but it's worth thinking about why you shave and don't judge others who choose not to.

hair grows on bodies and that is okay, for women and men alike. leg hair does not make anyone more or less feminine. it's okay if someone doesn't want to shave and it's okay if they do. it's nothing to judge someone for!

A la mierda los roles de género.

And stop standing by while the stupid trans try to redefine "man" and "woman" to refer to gender roles instead of their actual sex, which, BTW, does NOT come with a gender role requirement.

#Mujeres #Inspiracion 8 de marzo #Díadelamujer también con nuestro homenaje en…

The Future is Female. "As for you girls, you must risk everything for Freedom, and give everything for Passion, surrendering everything to create a life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.