L~ 자유

L~ 자유

I don’t have any religion, because I am my own god
L~ 자유
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sterek | (http://geeky-sova.tumblr.com/post/88978065479/yearning-belated-birthday-gift-for-stacey …) pic.twitter.com/3ZBq7RVD5l

geeky-sova: “ [ yearning ] belated birthday gift for Stacey ♥ [ ] ”

image discovered by Bê Idol.

magnifique gif de groupe BTS <3

Ta na hora de di zer tchaaauu❤

#wattpad #humour Hey~ ici vous trouverez des memes de Kpop ^^ il y en a principalement de BTS, étant donné que c'est mon UG.  Il y en a beaucoup en anglais, et certains en français.

they're basically living memes tbh

their gayness levels are off the charts .. i love it #markson

Markson❤️ I ship it so much

#MarkSon #Got7 *o* ohmahgash, they're just inches apart . . . NOW KISS _(-..-)/ (cr) FlyBoy!

Mark and Jackson, Markson

dónde 2 chicos comparten su amor a través de las redes sociales ©️ta… #fanfic Fanfic #amreading #books #wattpad

I looked out of my window, it was late at night so I couldn't really … Fanfiction

Kookie will like "where the duck are you smiling at? "

Fucking Jungkooks collar bone and Taehyung how dare you


J-Hope looked so manly in the middle. That pose though