Illustation and watercolor inspiration of AGNES-CECELI

my eyes refuse to accept passive tears by Agnes-cecile (her name is actually Silvia Pelissero. Agnes-cecile is her internet moniker. She's super talented!


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uno especial de liniers a tute |

uno especial de liniers a tute |

Diario de lectura de cómics Jiro Taniguchi: Liniers promueve la lectura en las bolsas de FNAC

“Sometimes you choose the book, other times the book chooses you”. (Source: xjefferx, via greenbell)

brian m. viveros, brian viveros, girl, painting, smokeme, smoking

Yeah, I'm a big sucker for girls illustrations. Add some ingredients like blood, cigarettes and alcohol and you got yourself a real treat. That's what Brian M. Viveros' work is all about, and you must check these girls out.

Digital Illustrations

headphones women freedom redheads artwork artgerm purple eyes pepper project faces peppers stanley l – People Redheads HD Desktop Wallpaper

SteamGirl  by ~ZephyrChef  Digital Art / 3-Dimensional Art / Characters / Female	©2010-2011 ~ZephyrChef

SteamGirl by Jef Wall Concept art for a digital graphic novel by Jef Wall. This is just beautiful steampunk is so inspiring and I want to make a steampunk graphic novel!

"God creates Camels and Dromedaries"  By Chilean artist Alberto Mont

Funny pictures about God creates camels and dromedaries. Oh, and cool pics about God creates camels and dromedaries. Also, God creates camels and dromedaries photos.