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White-rumped Shama by BobLewis, via Flickr

White-rumped Shama is a small passerine bird of the family Muscicapidae. Native to densely vegetated habitats in the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia, its popularity as a cage-bird and songster has led to it being introduced elsewhere.

Cardenal rojo (Cardinalis cardinalis)

State Bird of Ohio: Cardinal aka Winter Redbird (Cardinalis cardinalis). Access Ohio official bird's description, history, and picture.

mirlo tricolor

Superb starling (Lamprotornis superbus) of Eastern Africa, very similar appearance to Hildenrandt's starling but distinguished by their white, rather than red-orange, iris.

Mirlo Metalico Tricolor

Mirlo Metalico Tricolor


Eurasian Golden Oriole, female and male (Oriolus oriolus) - vuga