Motricitat fina amb pinces

Create your own mini washing line to develop pincer grip and finger/hand strength - placing pegs on washing line to hang clothes.

pinzas de madera, pelotitas de algodón, pintura escolar, y ya tenemos una brocha para hacer maravillosos cuadros

Letter P Activity – Painting with Pompoms

Lacing and threading with different sized eyes  Cordón y roscado con diferentes tamaño de los ojos

Lacing boards made of cedar; different sized screw eyes, single row & double; screw eye on the end to tie one end of lace

enchocolar pastas macarrones en palo pincho grueso y de base plastilina

Fine Motor Skills with Pasta and Play Dough

"Noodle" Play Ready for Kindergarten Book Study – Fine Motor Skills with Pasta and Play Dough

motricitat fina amb materials de baix cost

Fine motor/threading TEACCH task for children with autism and in ABA therapy. Could work on sensory board, would just need to be careful of string length. Shoe lacing and tying intro for children w fine motor and/or vision challenges