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the diagram shows how to use concrete for an outdoor decking area, with steps and railings
David Mossé & Frédéric Gimmig - Place de l'église - Aureille - Détail escalier
an architectural drawing shows the details of a wall and how it's connected with other materials
an architectural drawing shows the steps leading up to a house
Detalhamento escada externa
an image of a garden plan with lots of different plants and landscaping items in it
an architectural drawing of a garden design
Painterly Approach — Arterra Landscape Architects
the stairs are lined with plants and trees
Architects Design a Home Inspired by Brutalist Architecture in Kyle Bay, Australia
Grounded Expression – Kyle Bay House by Greg Natale • Inspired by the brutalist architectural styles of Brazil, Kyle Bay House combines layers of warmth through natural materiality and an animated colour palette to invigorate the home. Greg Natale ensures each space feels like its own destination, whilst still allowing the outer structure of the form to be expressed as a key experience of the residence from within. #architecture #homebuilders #landscaping #modernhomes #homedesign #garden
there is a table and chairs in the woods by the house with no one around it
a bench and table sitting in front of a wall with plants growing on the side
Wooden lattices screen Casa Octavia by PPAA in Mexico City
Wooden lattices screen Casa Octavia by PPAA in Mexico City
a planter filled with lots of plants next to a white wall and black door
Home of the Week: Casa Âmago by Bruno Dias Arquitectura
an outdoor garden with concrete planters and trees
A modernist mansion in Toorak
This new modernist mansion's innate sense of gravitas and material sincerity stems from the local architecture and the family who live here.
two vases are sitting on the floor in front of some plants and greenery
Contemporary Architecture | Contemporary Architects | Block722 Studio