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those loft windows and ceilings. Online homewares and furniture purveyor Hunting for George has collaborated with Melbourne design studio Grazia & Co to produce a new range of wares.

Veloisto: Em Casa.

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22 Examples Of Minimal Interior Design #39

Shelving is among the most effective ways you’ll be able to provide your house office with some fantastic storage. The office will offer internet and telephone solutions, and mail solutions. In regards to designing your home office, you must be …

From above, you'll see a cheery burst of yellow from the seat, as well as the clean white counters of the kitchen. Buffet dining that is simple, functional, and still very stylish.

Image 3 of 10 from gallery of Detached Floor House / Jun Yashiki & Associates. Photograph by Hiroyuki Hirai

Modern Lofts

Loft apartments always have a distinct feel. Their openness, combined with their usual amounts of streaming light, makes them instantly appealing for most urban