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Giardini, terrazze, agoli di verde per la casa
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an empty hallway with glass doors leading to another room and plants on the other side
ingresso in vetro e ferro www.lenuovekucine.it
an open door leading to a patio area with chairs and trees in the back ground
35 idee per trasformare una casa di campagna
BOISERIE & C.: 25 idee per trasformare una casa di campagna
three chairs and two tables on a patio with cacti in the back ground
several potted plants sit in front of a concrete wall and various stools on the floor
Yesterday we visited the new beautiful setting by @paola_lenti_official hold in via Orobia 15. It is called 'Accordi' a beautiful space don't miss it! #archiproducts #paolalenti #mdw17
a wooden deck with water and plants on the side of it next to a building
Huis met veranda - WillemsenU
http://willemsenu.nl/projecten/veranda-huis/ veranda grass
an empty hallway with a tree in the center and rocks on the ground next to it
Gallery of Family as a Community / Jacobs-Yaniv Architects - 17
Family as a Community,© Yoav Gurin
there is a vase with flowers in it next to a wall that has cacti on it
Rising Objects
living with plants
the stairs are covered with green plants in front of a wall that has vertical planters on it
ooh and ahh
Pared Exterior 1: Posibilidad para una pared del exterior, maderas y…
a room that has some plants growing on the wall and in front of it is a white floor
Let There Be Light: This Year's Innovators in Luminous Architecture
No matter what shape or size a building, how architecture interacts with light and shade can transform a space from a beautiful building to an ethereal and m...
an outdoor walkway with grass and trees in the background
Hilton Pattaya : Lobby & ‘Drift’ Bar
Sala Phuket | Department of Architecture
an indoor garden with lots of plants and greenery on the walls, along with glass walkways
Project: St. Mary Residences | SEKSAN DESIGN - Landscape Architecture and Planning
Project: St. Mary Residences | SEKSAN DESIGN - Landscape Architecture and Planning
an artistic sculpture made out of branches in the woods, with trees behind it and one person standing at the entrance
Attraversare l'anima (Through the Soul) - Arte Sella, Italy
will beckers attraversare l'anima 08
orange slices are hanging on a string in front of a window
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Love making dried oranges and my favorite is how these are taped to the window - so simple and so lovely!
some plants are sitting on a shelf next to pictures
urban botanic | April and May
urban botanic | April and May
a living room filled with lots of potted plants next to a wall mounted planter
miele event - Cerca con Google