Missing cat poster pictured: Lost pet found next to its OWN wanted poster in window

That moment when you realize sometimes the things we do because we are lazy actually take more work :)

These people have taken laziness to a whole new level! Check out 20 epic acts of extreme laziness in this funny Smosh gallery!

Gato_quimico - ¿Con qué frecuencia hago chistes químicos?

Cats are funny. Cats in glasses and bow ties are even funnier. Cats making nerdy chemistry jokes while wearing glasses and bow ties? I LOVE CHEMISTRY CAT.

filosoraptor -

Funny pictures about Philosoraptor on life. Oh, and cool pics about Philosoraptor on life. Also, Philosoraptor on life photos.

Lazy-Life-002 - FunCage

Birthday cake, nailed it. If you ever ask me to bake you a cake, this is what you will get!