EwR.Vocabulary Poster #English More Adverbs of Frequency


Vocabulary- Adverbs of Frequency:

EwR.Vocabulary Poster #English Kitchen Vocabulary


pinned: you need to know what kitchen verbs are being used and what they mean to do so you can operate more efficiently.

Good Manners-Not only will you sound more refined, it is polite to act as if this person is more important than you and you are requesting them, not acting as if they are yours to order around.

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Everybody should know about some general and common good manner. So just have a look to this pic and learn good manners. You can enhance your talking and writing with these manners. If you want any grammatical help then you can take help from here.


Learn about clothes in English

Types of weather with pictures learning English

Weather asking questions and different types of weather English lesson. Learn about the types of weather.


English Poster: Contractions, also called Relaxed Pronunciation

Partes del cuerpo en ingles para niños

Body Parts in English and Portuguese / Partes do corpo em inglês e português

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I love to use images to teach prepositions. I think it's a good way of helping our students understand and remember the prepositions of plac.

Clothes for men, women babies and accessories English lesson. You will start learning the different types of clothing and accessories

Vocabulary: "Clothes for men, women, babies and accessories". Level: Basic [Beginners, Newbies] to Low Intermediate.

Fruit Berries and Vegetables with pictures and a word list learning English. Learn the names of over 80 fruit and vegetables.

See Best Photos of Types Of Fruit. Inspiring Types of Fruit template images. Name of Different Types of Mango What Are All the Kinds of Fruit Fruit Classification Types Exotic Fruit Types Cancer-Fighting Fruits

Aprende ingles: 14 errores típicos con preposiciones #infografia

Prepositions - Great Infographics for Language Teachers Part 4 ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

EwR.Vocabulary #English Telling Time: What time is it?


Idioms, vocabulary, grammar, listening and speaking lessons. Exercises and answers.

EwR.Vocabulary #English - Poster: Food and Drinks


Vocabulary - Poster: Food and Drinks:

EwR.Poster #English Vocabulary - All About Vegetables


English Vocabulary - All About Vegetables

Verbs and their prepositions 101

Verbs and their prepositions 101 [infographic]