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Pan Dulce de Pascua
Pan de chocolate aromatizado con azahar, y citricos
a chocolate pumpkin bundt cake on a white plate with flowers in the background and text overlay that reads chocolate pumpkin bundt cake
Bundt Cake de Chocolate y Calabaza
a chocolate cake is sitting on a table
Bundt Cake de Chocolate y Calabaza (Chocolate Pumpkin Bundt Cake)
chocolate pumpkin bundt cake with flowers in the background and text overlay that reads chocolate pumpkin bundt cake
Chocolate Pumpkin Bundt Cake
three white candles sitting on top of a table
Tarta Corona de Adviento
a chocolate cake topped with berries and pistachios on a gray table next to sliced strawberries
No-Bake Chocolate Tart With Stem Ginger (Vegan)
Top down photo of vegan chocolate ginger tart decorated with berries with a slice taken out.
three jars filled with dessert sitting on top of a white table next to a book
Tarta de la abuela en vaso | La chocolaterapia
a cake sitting on top of a wooden table next to two plates filled with desserts
Tarta Helada de Tiramisú con Crumble de Nibs de Cacao
Un clásico postre como el tiramisú, ahora en forma de Tarta Helada y #sinhuevo en la crema para cuando llega el calor. Acompañada de un ganache de chocolate y un crumble de cacao con nibs de cacao para aportarle el toque #crunch. Receta sencilla y deliciosa para sorprender a todos. Frozen Tiramisu Cake with Crumble of Cocoa Nibs
chocolate bark with raspberries and pistachios on a white table top
3 Ingredient Vegan Chocolate
3 Ingredient vegan chocolate bark #vegan #chocolate |
five pieces of chocolate with nuts on top
Creamy White Bean Pesto Pasta - Evergreen Kitchen
Three layers of chocolate and hazelnut deliciousness. This recipe comes together with only 8 ingredients. Need we say more? (V+GF)
melted chocolate being poured into a bowl with spoons in the background on a white surface
♥ amo el chocolate!
a plate with some chocolates on top of it
El desvan de Sheyenne
El desvan de Sheyenne
three trays filled with different types of dessert
Homemade Chocolate Bars with DIY Wraps | Butternut Bakery
These homemade chocolate bars are the perfect homemade valentine's day gift! Complete with a variety of options, funny puns, and homemade wrappings, these are the cutest DIY chocolate bars for someone you love! #homemadechocolatebars #DIYvalentinesdaygifts #valentinesday #butternutbakery