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Anna Vidal Oldham

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Anna Vidal Oldham
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In our first post 'real time customer intelligence, right here, right now?' we raised the idea that some savvy marketers have been getting the right message to the right person at the right time for years – we call them ‘Shopkeepers’.

True Detective: great Rust Cohle monologue

"The roots of the evil" (back side), a tribute to True Detective TV series by Suxinsu. A very special collaboration with Toni de la Torre.

#ContentCuration In the Content Marketing Mix

Content Marketing Mix Look this is a wonderful Advertising and marketing tip! Take a look at this Marketing suggestion! Need an advertising and marketing concept? This is awesome advertising and marketing stuff, tips and tools.

Meditation tips: sit cross-legged, notice your breath

So today I have another meditation article but this one is slightly NSFW. You can check out my previous article here.

Metallic grays & charcoal makeup

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special: And on the Day of Christmas- COAL [Metallic Grays & Charcoal] Inspired Makeup Tutorial