Love is... from HJ story (the artist draws these for his wife)

Love is...

Funny pictures about What love is. Oh, and cool pics about What love is. Also, What love is.

HJ-Story :: Sweet Dreams

hjstory: “Before we were married, I use to kiss my wife good night by sending her a drawing to her phone :) Sweet Dreams everyone! For more bedtime kisses, check it out here:.

I wish... to see you! ~ Love is... pinning this, #loveis #love #hj-story

I wish to see you! This is dedicated to those with long distance relationships as well! For more Long distance relationship drawings, check out my frien. I wish. to see you!

HJ-Story :: Home Safe - image 1

HJ-Story :: Home Safe - image giorni migliori arriveranno

HJ-Story :: Love is... Looking Good for You

HJ-Story :: Love is. Looking Good for You.t ho sl detto che se nn avevi voglia

Amor te, importo?... A qué país?...

20 Cosas que a toda mujer le suceden cuando terminan las vacaciones

Check out the comic HJ-Story :: Love is... Staying Up Late With You

Check out the comic HJ-Story :: Love is. Staying Up Late With You Más