Bennett College...They say it is haunted by the girls who used to attend the school. Many girls committed suicide there and are still roaming the dorms.

Abandoned building in Millbrook, NY - New York State Was previously a girl's school/college, I believe. Sad it just went to ruin. There have been a couple attempts to repair over the years, but money and he elements have stood in the way.

Bennett Colegio, ciudad de Millbrook, en Nueva York

Abandoned Mansion, then and now (I am Not Sure Where This Home Is But Thought Pic Was Interesting) This is actually Bennett College in Millbrook, NY, not a mansion. Just awful that it has gone this way.

The Lillesden school for girls, UK.   #abandoned #abandoned school

abandoned girls school Lillesden School for Girls, UK


A reflecting pool reclaimed by nature. I'd say it looks better this way : AbandonedPorn

Scotland - Castle Stalker

Scotland - Castle Stalker

Gediminas Einikis on

another nice MC idea - Solomon's Mines by Docslav---GE on deviantART

de indianos

Abandoned in Asturias, Spain. So beautiful!

Abandoned home in Scotland.                                                                                                                                                                                 Más                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Ury House, a large abandoned mansion built in the Elizabethan style in It is situated about a mile north of Stonehaven, a town in Aberdeenshire on the north-east coast of Scotland.

From French Charmed: Time for our weekend getaway pic! This time, we've brought you to a gorgeous abandoned home outside Paris. (If this is France's version of the country slums, I'd happily be poor!)

abandoned manor house near paris. 'Tis but a dream to go buy an old manor house in Europe, restore it and live in it till I die

Abandoned house.  Romania.

abandoned house in Romania. Was grand in its time.

Este tren Orient Express abandonado nos recuerda los viajes de lujo del pasado

This once grand Orient Express train has been abandoned for years, but surprisingly it still provides a glimpse of the extravagance it once possessed.

Would love to restore this beauty.

Lost Forgotten Abandoned Displaced Decayed Neglected Discarded Disrepair Abandoned building in Rabat Malta

Abandoned mansion in Davie, FL [OC] [1284x965]

Post with 99984 views. Abandoned mansion in Davie, FL [OC]

Castillo Nido de Golondrina, Crimea, Ucrania. | pinned by

Swallows Nest Sea Castle in Crimea, Russia.

Ruta por el parrizal de Beceite, Comarca del Matarraña, Teruel #beceite…

Ruta por el parrizal de Beceite, Comarca del Matarraña, Teruel #beceite…