Fun way to know your kids friends or even them about extended family. Decorate with names or what they mean to them.

les petites têtes de l'art cut out only letters from own name, or friend's name

bonhommes découpés-fond séparé en 6 zones de couleur-empreintes au coton-tige

Self Portraits? Divide the page into 6 squares and paint each one a different colour. When dry experiment with different prints on each square. Children draw themselves with a sharpie, then cut out and stick over printing.

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Little People Learn: Playing with Photos : Symmetry, Recognition/ Names, Matching, Similarites and Differences.

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-MOLLY: I could take a portrait of each child on Tuesday to print out for Wednesday or Thursday. Half Self-Portraits Project by Hannah's Art Club. - Art is a Way

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