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a map of state foods with all the states names and their food labels on it
The delicious map of the dishes that best represent each state
The guys at Cooking Channel asked their fans which dish best represents their state. Then they gathered all the answers and made this amazingly delicious map with them. Here's a selection of dishes I would eat right now:
a white plate topped with meat and veggies on top of a wooden table
Yummy ahi avo from Star Noodle #Maui
french fries with herbs and ketchup in a white paper container on a table
Lahaina Luna Cafe photos
Lahaina Luna Cafe | Crazy Fries. Insane.
two scoops of ice cream on top of a paper towel
Ululanis Hawaiian Shave Ice
Ululani's shave ice, Maui
a white plate topped with a cake covered in frosting and coconut on top of a wooden table
Best coconut cream pie ever. Maui
there are many jars on the counter with food in them and one is filled with liquid
Best cupcakes in the world in a very cool atmosphere. Baked and Wired in Georgetown.
a deli counter with lots of food in it
The Parlor at Fortnum and Mason Dessert and hot chocolate!
two tiered trays with cupcakes and desserts on them sitting on a table
Afternoon tea at The Athenaeum, London
two sugar covered donuts sitting on top of white paper
several pieces of bread hanging from a rack
Baguette with butter for breakfast and the most perfect, quintessential croissant. Boulangerie Au Grand Richilieu, Paris
a white plate topped with an enchilada covered in lettuce and tomatoes
Fluatas de Borrego. Aqui es Texcoco Chula Vista, California
a box filled with lots of different colored macaroons
Macaron, Laduree, Paris
a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, corn and parmesan cheese on top
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The salad with basil dressing. Burger Lounge, Coronado
a hand holding a scoop of vanilla ice cream
Salted Caramel ice cream, Bi-Rite Creamery. San Francisco
a piece of cake sitting on top of a white plate
Best French Onion Soup - Bouchon, Napa. French onion by Darin Dines, via Flickr