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Happy to be in good health and a bad memory it only takes (Ingrid Bergman)

Sin lucha no hay imagen lo dice todo........

Street art is for all ages. Please, try to look beyond her age. Sometimes people get a kick out of the elderly doing things the young folks do- '' Oh, how cute. ''I wish our culture would not be so hung up on youth and beauty, but that is just how it is

De que tengo estilo, tengo estilo... lo que no tengo es dinero para probarlo.

Free and Funny Cry For Help Ecard: Listening to you smack on your gum like a fat pig is seriously ruining my life.

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I just want to hibernate, yep, I know, your mouth is hanging open at the thought of me not wanting to be with people. I just want to hibernate

El espíritu de los cínicos

An Orange Explains What is Love?: How they say love is. How love usually is. How love can't be. How love can end up. How love ends. How love leaves you.

Frase del famosos Saramago

Aperitivos para Preparar en 5 Minutos

Frase del famosos Saramago-Time is not a clock, a clock has no value. Time is life.