Chai Iced Tea Ice Cubes

Chai Iced Tea Cubes – just add milk, or your favorite vegan substitute, for a perfect iced chai latte! Plus, a giveaway of my favorite teas.


Precious sweet saffron infused sugar cubes revel in a cup of hot tea.

Vanilla Honey Iced Tea Lemonade |

Vanilla Honey Iced Tea Lemonade

Recipe for vanilla honey iced tea lemonade. A refreshing blend of cold-brew iced tea, lemonade and vanilla honey simple syrup.

Rose Hibiscus Spritzer

Apothic Rose Hibiscus Spritzer / Melissa Oholendt + Judith Kostroski for Wit & Delight


Don't use a tiny tea ball to brew loose leaf tea! There is not enough room inside for the tea to expand and infuse the full flavor!


all you need is tea and warm socks.or wine and warm socks? Oh okay tea works too haha