Torn Cloth Tutorial

Step by step tutorial on how to create cloth wrinkles as well as tears in the cloth.

ZBrush Tips & Workflows #2: Designing Eyvind Earle-esque Trees With Nano...

Designing Eyvind Earle-esque Trees With Nanomesh in ZBrushComputer Graphics & Digital Art Community for Artist: Job, Tutorial, Art, Concept Art, Portfolio

ZBrush Nanomesh Hair Technique

NanoMesh approach takes the system of utilising ZBrush's InsertMesh to a brand new entire level ZBrush Nanomesh as an alternative to Fibermesh for making hair

and sculpts too!

With the help of floreum​, I’ve been playing with micromesh and nanomesh. They’re essentially the same thing now, while micromesh renders geometry at BPR, Nano allows you to visualize placement.

ZBrush 4r7 Feature: Nanomesh

A quick look at ZBrush's Nanomesh "particle system" and how I use it to help me create hand-crafted generative artwork.